The International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism (INRouTe) is a non-profit association in support of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) founded by one UNWTO Affiliate Member: the Institute MOVATUR, and in2destination Research and Consultancy in Tourism, both based in Spain.

INRouTe endeavours to stand as an international reference for the measurement and economic analysis of tourism activity at the sub-national level. It aims to support the management of subnational and local tourism destinations by providing and disseminating relevant knowledge and best practices among scholars and practitioners. INRouTe focuses on the following Research Areas: Flows of visitors, Economic contributions, and Tourism & territory. Contributions of INRouTe Partners in these areas should support regional and local tourism destination management in drawing up an agenda for the measurement and economic analysis of tourism to guide policy and decision-making. Key topics in this respect are the definition of observation and analytical units, procedures for monitoring and evaluation, and the design of indicator systems.

An expert knowledge-driven network, INRouTe has the ambition to bring together a wide yet complimentary diversity of technicians, scholars, practitioners and industry professionals to share information, practices and experiences that endorse the development of conceptual underpinnings, measurement and comparative analyses to provide guidance for tourism destination management.