Paco Irizar

Paco is a former mechanical engineer whose focus for the past 7 years is on the tourism sector with a clear commitment to innovation, environmental and social responsibility. Precisely, an example of that is his entrepreneurship venture as the founder of two Inclusive Ecotourism businesses: RuralSuite Hotel Apartments and Activa Experience.

Giving a twist to his professional and private life, in synchrony with his wife and family, he began these projects. Since the beginning he meant to create high quality, friendly, accessible and sustainable with the environment spaces and services for everyone.

Paco is always at the forefront, focused on the final customer, bringing new ideas for regional tourism to be recognized internationally. He is constantly adapting to new challenges and trends.

His biggest success?: Betting on the impossible! In the heart of 2010 crisis, he has created a tourism company without any previous experience, he has obtained the funding and has survived. Along the seven years the company has been running some awards and recognition have been granted but he is sure the best is yet to be seen.

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