Beatriz Ochotorena

My parents belong to the rural world, and I have lived and felt the farmhouse since my earliest childhood. My grandfather and relatives have always taught us the breeder and farmer hard work, the effort that means to keep up a farmhouse and above all, to do it together.

Many young people such as myself were sent to study, but not without contributing to the farmhouse. This is how I completed my Degree in Nursing. I work as a nurse in the Emergency rural services, in El Valle de Baztan.

I have seen how towns are running out of their younger people, and I have also seen how the ones that remain do not dedicate themselves to cattle or agriculture. However, this is not the worst, because these generations that live in towns have lost all contact, respect and wisdom of the primary sector.

To date, no machine that makes food has been invented, and without anyone to produce it, what are we going to eat?

This is why we got into this big project, The Ultzama Foundation. Its highlight is the Ultzama Farm School and we are currently on the verge of inaugurating the “Caracol” Project.

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